Waist Band with Canola Seeds

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  • The product consists of 100% natural canola seeds.
  • It is made of 100% cotton fabric and It is designed with putting canola seeds in the Waist Band.
  • Healty.
  • It lifts the gas stomach for babies.

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Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
Material% 100 Doğal
Patent No2016/13646
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What is a Carminative Thermal Waist Band with Canola Seedss and why is it used for?

Gas pains or colic in a newborn babies is a known fact. In cold weather this pain will grow even worse. It has been known for hundreds of years for the gas pains is that the soil and hot water bag which conserve the temperature of the foot and belly for a long time. However, these products, especially hot water bag, can not be used on babies. Because leaked hot water causes burns. Sevibebe has developed a Waist Band with Canola Seeds to help parents.

Why canola seeds?
Because the canola seeds contain a large quantity of natural oil in small size. The little seeds do not hurt the baby's foot and flow to every curve of the foot. It conserves the heat for a long time. It makes your baby relaxed.

How to use?
Waist Band with Canola Seeds is kept in a 100 degree oven for 15 minutes without removing the canola seed. Make sure It does not burn your hand before you put the product on baby. (because some ovens may not show the thermostats correctly). The use of the Waist Band is ready. It will be hot for 20-30 minutes depending on the temperature of the environment.

Does the fabric burn in oven? The fabrics are subjected to heat treatment at a temperature of about 250 degrees during the dyeing and sanforization process. However, some ovens are narrow and may not show the thermostats correctly. If the product is placed close to the resistance, the fabric will be exposed to very high heat and may get yellowing or even darkening. For this reason, our recommended product would be to put the bottom of the oven and turn only the top resistor.

Can we heat in microwave? Microwaves can only be heated for 2 minutes at 350 watts. (Make sure the heat with your hand before putting the product on the baby, and if it does not burn your hand, put it on the baby.)

Microwaves which are not adjusted temperature adjustment can burn the product due to expose the product overheated

How to wash? There is a benefit that the seeds do not get wet. For this reason, we do not recommend washing. It will be sterile when it is already exposed to heat.

How to hide? Because it is an organic and natural product, it can be affected by humidity. This problem does not occur if you heat up once a month during your unused period.


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