Baby Sweat Handkerchief

Art 304

New product


This product has been donated by Sevibebe for all babies of the world.

  • Sevibebe Sweat Cloth is made of hydrophilic cotton.
  • Absorbent muslin fabric.
  • Thanks to its special design, it does not slip off the back of the child.
  • Machine and hand washable at 40 degrees celcius.
  • It can bue used from newborn ti 6 years old.

More details

Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
Material %100 cotton
width30 cm
Length40 cm
More info

Babies get sick because of sweating too much. Sweaty baby can get sick while the sweat get cold on baby’s body. However, if the baby still sweats, it is put Sevibebe Sweat Cloth on baby's back. Sevibebe Sweat Cloth is an absorbent muslin fabric that is made from hydrophilic cotton. It easily absorbs the sweat and keeps the back of your child dry. Sevibebe Sweat Cloth differs from other cloths because of its special design and does not slip off the back of the child.

How to use ?
The normal cloth that is put on the back of the child slips off his back. Whereas after Sevibebe Sweat Cloth is placed on the back of the child, the right and left wings are brought forward from the shoulders. The middle part hang down from the dress. This way the sweat cloth is stabilized.

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