Mattress Protector (70x100 cm)

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  • It is air permeable, liquid-proof.
  • It has a soft texture.
  • It does not make allergies.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The upper side is made of cotton towel and the lower side is made of a fabric that is polyurethane membrane.
  • Size 70 X 100 cm.
  • Made of a soft comfortable and breathable surface and waterproof strap fitting underlay.
  • Protects the mattress of your baby/ child , keeps wettnes away from baby.
  • Does not contain PVC and other harmful materials.
  • Thanks to its tires it fits various size of beds.

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Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
MaterialBreathable, waterproof cover. Does not contain PVC.
width70 cm
Length100 cm
More info

Babies and children can pee on the bed for various reasons. For this reason, bed sheets should be laid a bed for babies and children in the risk group.

Sevibebe Bed Protector Sheets is made from a fabric that is a cotton towel on the top and a polyurethane membrane on the bottom.

Do not confuse about the sheets that are sold in the market as under sheet! In most of under sheets in the markets, phthalate PVC was used. Because the PVC covered sheet does not have the breathing feature, it sweats for a long period of sleeping and causes damage on patients.

Sevibebe Bed Protector Sheets is anti-bacterial towel which has a cloth covered with membrane that does not contain any harmful material. Because of the membrane fabric, It is air permeable and liquid-proof. Because of this feature, the patient can also be used for long periods.

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