Baby Washing Sponges 

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  • Art 159

    Color :  Blue  Pink  Yellow 

    It does not contain azo dyes. It does not contain any carcinogenic materials. It does not contain toxic elements. It is used a healthy dye which is non-allergic It is tested in International Independent Testing Laboratory. It provides a soft and comfortable bath. It prevents your baby from slipping.Tested:TURT160141675_REVISED 01
  • Art 02

    Color :  Blue  Pink  Yellow  Orange 

    100% herbal. Natural. Healthy. You can use it newborn babies’ bathroom High water absorption power thanks to its special texture. Cellulosic sponge does not irritate the skin. It is a nature friendly product which is a biodegradable product 
  • Art 05

    It is special feather sponge. When it is combined with soap, it gets extra softness. It produces less bacteria compared to sponge. It has been tested by The International Testing Company UL. It does not contain ado dye, carcinogen materials, phthalate and heavy metal.TESTED: (UL/1000048329)
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items