Feather Bath Sponge

Art 05

New product


  • It is special feather sponge.
  • When it is combined with soap, it gets extra softness.
  • It produces less bacteria compared to sponge.
  • It has been tested by The International Testing Company UL.
  • It does not contain ado dye, carcinogen materials, phthalate and heavy metal.

TESTED: (UL/1000048329)

More details

Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
MaterialIt Is Special Feather Sponge
Usage interval0-24 Month
Test Report NoUL/1000048329
More info

The product is made from a special kind of sponge called feather, which is produced specifically for the soft skin of newborn babies. It becomes silky soft when exposed to the soap.
Since bacteria require space and nutrients to reproduce, this product enables less bacterial growth than normal sponges. Because of the limited space provided by tighter holes by design, nutrients are less likely to get stuck inside. (To prevent bacterial growth further, squeeze it tightly and keep it in a dry environment)


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