Potty Seat 

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  • Art 67

    Pattern :  Blue Star  Pink Star  Grey Star 

    It does not contain Azo dyes, toxic elements, carcinogenic. It does not slip on the toilet thanks to its non-slip pins. It is soft and comfortable thanks to its dense sponge. The holder brings into safety. Nonslip bottom Back Support It is more hygienic with its soft and wipeable seat It is suitable for every size of toilets.Test No: Ekoteks...
  • Art 70

    Pattern :  Penguin  Rain  Ship 

    Soft and comfortable Non-slip bottom Holders bring into safety Hygienic with its removable wipeable seat Suitable for every size of toilets. Does not contain azo dyes, toxic elements, carcinogenic.
  • Art 8581

    Color :  Blue  Pink 

    It is easy to clean, hygienic. It does not contain azo dye, toxic materials, phthalate. It is tested. It does not slip on the toilet thanks to its non-slip pins. It is suitable for all standard toilets which is standard size.Test No: Ekoteks 16049771 EN 4362-1
  • Art 239

    With its wide mold covering closet, it provides your children a healthy environment in any toilet. It isolates your child’s contact with the closet.  Made of Viscose (wood fiber) fabric. Waterproof. Therefore anti-bacterial. Each package contains 10 items.  Do not throw into the closet.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items