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  • Art 66

    Color :  Blue  Mor  Green  Grey 

    Non-slip bottom Easily removable plastic part in the middle of the chair potty mouth is washable. It does not contain azo dye, toxic element, carcinogen. Tested at Certified Independent International Audit Centers
  • Art 220

    Protects against insectsFits all of the infant car seats.
  • Art 9366

    Pattern :  Köpek  İnek  Teddy Bear 

    Designed to hold babies in a good sleep position on their backs or sides. Detachable and adjustable according to the width of baby. Removable and washable velvet cover. WARNING : Do not continue to use this product once the infant is able to turn over by himself. 
  • Art 316

    Pattern :  Lion  Teddy Bear  Pirate  Gazelle  Giraffe  Swan  New Princess 

    Sevi Bebe Placement Printed Muslin Infant Car seat Cover,Is made of 100 % cotton Highly water absorbent Has a soft texture and by means of its breathable texture, prevents overheating and suffocation risk of  your baby. After the first wash gains perfect softness and doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin. By means of the placement print technic  the...
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items