Thin cloth your baby thick cover

Thin cloth your baby thick cover

Consumers often ask this question when buying textile products; “Cotton or polyester?” They ask why; Because it is believed that polyester fabric sweats the child. In fact, the polyester fabric does not sweat, human sweat and sweat, if the person is wearing a cotton garment, the fabric absorbs sweat, but the polyester fabric does not absorb sweat, and one feels wet and uncomfortable. This situation varies according to summer and winter seasons. The advice of an Kiraz Ali inden, one of the veterans of the baby industry, to the mothers: ince Dress your baby thin, cover it thick; the baby gets sick from sweating, not from the cold ”. In fact, the whole issue is hidden in this sentence. The baby should be dressed in cotton and thin if possible in summer and cotton in winter. If the cotton is insufficient in the cold, woolen or polyester outer clothing should be worn or the baby should be covered.

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