Training Pants (2 Pcs)

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  • Prevents sweating and rash with its breathable liquid-proof feature.
  • Urine does not leak from elasticated leg part.
  • It does not contain PVC and harmful materials.
  • Washable.
  • 2 pieces in a packet.

Tested: TURA120066329

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Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
MaterialPolyurethane membrane -micro interlock fabric
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Training pants is a patented product developed by Sevi Bebe for babies all over the world.

  •   Interior is absorbent towel fabric.
  •   2nd layer has air permeability polyurethane membrane. 
  •   3rd surface layer is cotton fabric.

How to Use Training Panties?

In toilet training, expected to develop babies muscles. Training pants are very useful for the development of the baby's muscles. Before using the training pants, your baby is prepared psychologically by explaining the use of toilet and panties for a week. One week later, the training pants are put on in a ceremonial fashion. The baby's toilet times are obvious. Usually immediately after meals, after waking up, the baby is seated on the potty, allowing him/her to spend longer than usual time in the potty. As long as the baby sits on the potty, must be explained why the baby is sitting on the potty. This practice is continued until the baby's muscles develop (1-2 weeks).

It is possible to make the training pants liquid-proof (keep dry). However, this should not be preferred. Because the baby should feel the wetness and be uncomfortable. Thus, the baby will understand the difference between training pants and diapers.


What is Training Pants?


The interior of the training pants is made of absorbent terry cloth.

The second layer is air permeable and liquid proof polyurethane membrane, the outer part is jersey fabric with panty appearance.

An extra absorbent cotton layer has been added to the terry cloth in the inner layer.

In addition, the elastics in the leg and waist area prevent excess pee from escaping.

Training Panties

It does not contain PVC- Toxic substance-Azo dye.

Tested at International Independent Intertek Test Center.

Test No: TURA120066329

No. 1 10-15 kg

No. 2 -15-20 kg

Machine or hand washable.

There are separate patterns for girls and boys.

1- Do panties leak? Some parents dress the baby in training pants without preparing the baby psychologically. The baby perceives the training pants as a diaper. He or she doesn't hold back, so his/her muscles don't develop either.

The baby should feel a little wetness and feel uncomfortable. That's why training pants leak particularly lightly.

2- Is there an age to pee? Suitable after 1,5 years. If babies understand what is being said, this is a sufficient age.

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