Anti-Suffocation Pillow

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  • Anti-Suffocation pillow designed specially for the babies who sleep face-down.
  • Breathable and removable cover is made of 100% cotton.
  • Size : 3 x 25 x 38 cm

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Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
Material %100 cotton
Kullanım AmacıAnti-Suffocation Pillow
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Babies vomit the milk and water they drink up to 6 months. It's called as baby reflux. Reflux is a common condition especially in babies younger than 6 months. Among the precautions to be taken for this situation, which is caused by the lack of development of the muscles in the esophagus, there are important details such as lying positions and the amount of nutrition.

 Nowadays newborn doctors educate parents about the baby's sleeping positions so that newborn babies does not be harmed while sleeping. It is recommended to lay infants on their side, as there may be a risk of suffocation in infants placed on their backs after feeding. If the baby lies face down, Doctors recommends a spongy and permeable structured anti-suffocation pillow.

 This pillow is a sponge that has pores in it. The surface is also a permeable cotton fabric. If the baby vomits while sleeping, the vomit will go in through these holes and the baby will not be harmed.

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