Infant Reflux Bed

New product


  • This product has been donated by Sevibebe for all babies of the world. 
  • Sevibebe Multifunctional Carminative Reflux Bed solves 3 problems together. These;
  • High head level for reflux,
  • Side-Sleeping pillows,
  • High head level against reflux.
  • Side-Sleeping pillows.
  • Anti-suffocation pillow for the babies who sleep face-down.
  • Removable 100% cotton cover.
  • Size: 45x60cm


More details

Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
MaterialDış Kumaş %100 Pamuk İç Yüksek Dansiteli Sünger
width45 cm
Length60 cm
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How should a baby sleeping position be?

To ensure that newborn babies are not harmed while they are put to sleep, today's newborn doctors advise parents to lay the babies side about the babies' sleeping positions. If the baby lies face-down, they recommend a spongy and permeable anti-suffocation pillow. The head position should be higher than the foot position.

What is reflux? 

Reflux is called as stomach contents leaking to the throat. The elders who has reflux may have many reasons. The muscles’ development starts after 6 months for babies. For this reason, babies vomit the milk and water up to 6 months. It is called as baby reflux.

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