Eco Infant Car Seat Waist Support

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  • Provides comfortable support for your baby.
  • With polystyrene beads on the lumbar support, the side which your baby leans on the product takes its form from your baby’s waist.
  • Provides useful and healthy support.

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Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
Material% 100 Pamuk Kılıf
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It is invented by Sevibebe for the whole world babies.

Infant Carrier is a pretty functional product after a while for carrying babies. However, due to lack of growing of newborn babies’ muscles, newborn babies slump down into the middle of infant carriers. Because of that, many mothers put a backing into middle of the infant carrier which is made of pillow or cloth. Due to this reason, Sevibebe invented Infant Carrier Lumbar Support for newborn babies.

On Sevibebe Infant Carrier Lumbar Support, the part which baby’s backside is laying is taking its from from baby’s body type. Sevibebe Infant Carrier Lumbar Support’s external structure’s form is compatible with its internal structure. With that speciality, its preventing your babies from slumping down into the middle of infant carriers.

On Sevibebe Infant Carrier Lumbar Support, the holes which are necessary for connecting it with seat belts are spaced out.

Infant Carrier Lumbar Support is having a head protector for prevent your baby’s head from twist and turn.

The cover of this product is separately washable.

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