Eco Infant Car Seat Waist Support

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Sevi Bebe Eco Infant Car Seat Waist Support,

  • Due to the polystyrene beads within the waist support, easily takes the form of your baby's body at the back and also provides comfortable and healthy support for your precious little one.
  • Has got external fabric made of 100% cotton.

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Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
Material% 100 Cotton Cover
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This product is originated and developed by Sevibebe for the babies all over the world.

Infant Carrier is a pretty functional product after a while for carrying babies. However, just because the muscles of newborn babies are not strong enough to ensconce themselves properly in the car seat and the tend to gravitate towards the middle of the car seat where they feel quite uncomfortable and almost paralysed. As a misconception, parents frequently place a random pillow or something else below their babies, just hoping to troubleshoot. To solve the problem permanently Sevibebe originated "Eco Infant Carrier Waist Support" for newborn babies.

It's a specially designed  comfortable and healthy cushion. Due to the healthy polystyrene beads within the waist support,  the product easily takes the form of your baby's body at the back. This feature helps the baby sit properly on the car seat without feeling any disturbance. The product can be utilized untill your baby's muscles develop and it achieves sitting vertically without help.

The polystyrene beads are not water absorbent so the product can be handwashed. The cover of this product is separately washable, either.

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