Supported Crawling Knee Pad

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  • With its special non-slip surface, your baby does not slip during crawling. 
  • Thanks to its special support, your baby’s knee do not get hurt.
  • Thanks to the thinned back fabric, your baby’s leg do not get hurt.
  • Thanks to the hooks at the top and bottom, It can be adjusted according to the thickness of the leg of the baby.
  • Machine and hand washable at 40 degrees celcius.

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Data sheet
Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
Materialİçi PU sünger ile form yapılmış jarse kumaş.
Patent No2012/11668
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What is the significance of your crawling knee-guard?
The biggest problem is that when your baby begins to crawl is your baby's knees will be crushed from the crawling, sometimes the knee bleeding will happen or the knee part of his pants will be ripped. For this reason, Crawling Knee-Guard is worn on babies.

There are 4 significant differences in Sevi Baby Supported Crawling Knee-Guard from the other crawling knee-guard


  • In the normal crawling knee pads in the market, the upper part and the lower part of the leg are in the same thickness. In the Sevibebe Supported Crawling Knee-Guard, the lower and upper parts of the baby's leg can be adjusted separately. In this respect, the crawling knee-guard does neither shrinking nor falling from baby’s leg.
  • The back of the other crawling knee-guards hurt the back of your baby's leg. While Babies are crawling, they bend their knees with 90 degrees. Therefore, knee-guards bend on the back side of the baby’s leg and hurts baby’s leg. The back of the Sevi Baby Supported Crawling Knee-Guard is thinned and does not hurt your baby's leg.
  • There is an extra thickness in the part where knee touch the floor in Sevi Baby Supported Crawling Knee-Guard.
  • There is a pressure on the front face in Sevibebe Supported Crawling Knee-Guard which provides non-slip.

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