Boothies With Cherry Seeds

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  • Ideal for soothing gas pain of baby.
  • Designed not to take off from the baby's feet with its velcro straps.
  • Can be heated in a regular oven or microwave
  • Cherry stones keep the heat for a long time and makes your baby relaxed.

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Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
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1- The booties with cherry stones inside are heated without removing them from the outer sheath.

2- a-Heat the booties for 15 minutes in a regular oven (preheated) at 120 degrees. (WARNING : For oven heating, if the product is placed close to the resistance, the fabric will be exposed to very high heat and may get yellowing or even darkening. For this reason, our recommended product would be to put the bottom of the oven and turn only the top resistor.) Remember to place a heat resistant cup of water in the oven to rehydrate the cherry stones.



b- Heat the booties for 2 minutes in a microwave at 340 Watt. (WARNING : Microwaves which are not adjusted temperature adjustment can burn the product due to expose the product overheated.) Remember to place a heat resistant cup of water in the microwave to rehydrate the cherry stones.

3- Place the booties (A) on your wrist to check they are only releasing a gentle heat. If the booties are too hot, leave to cool for a moment.


4- When it is ready, place the booties on baby’s feet. Use its adjustable velcro band to fix the booties on baby’s feet. (WARNING : Make sure that the velcro band does not tighten the baby's ankle.)


5- Leave the booties to cool completely before using again.


WARNING : Read the instructions before use and respect heating times.

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