Circumcision Panty

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Another product has been donated by Sevibebe for all babies of the world.

  • The front-sewed ergonomic plastic structure protects the injured area.
  • It provides a comfortable sleep.
  • %100 cotton

no 1: 5-18 kg no 2: 18-36 kg no 3: 36-50 kg.

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Place of OriginTurkey
ManufacturerLTS Textile Sevibebe
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Male children are circumcised in many countries because of religious or medical reasons. The after circumcision period for children is even more difficult. It is worn a skirt because of pants touching the injured area, or sleeping in the night is a nightmare because the injured are may touch the quilt or blanket. Many boys do not want to go out with the skirts.

Circumcision Panties solves many problems which are nightmares of children. A front-sewed ergonomic plastic structure prevents the injured area from touching the trousers and the blanket. In this way, children can go out wearing pants in the daytime. They can also sleep without fear of blanket at night.

Thanks to the holes on the plastic structure, the injured area does not become airless and the children who can not put into words their toilet need, are provided to be fallen sleep by dressed with nappy on their circumcision panties. In case the baby leaks his urine during nights, his urine evacuates through the holes on the plastic.

no 1: 5-18 kg no 2: 18-36 kg no 3: 36-50 kg.

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